Prime-aged model spends nine years in coma before tragic outcome

A 34-year-old model has passed away after spending almost a decade in a coma, the tragic result of a car accident that left her with serious head trauma. We tell you that!

Deeply distressed, the Miranda and Vitória families announce the death of Rarison Ricardo Miranda Vitória, aged 34after nine years of tireless struggle for life“. These are the terms that the relatives of the one better known as Rarison Ricardo announced the disappearance of model this Wednesday, November 30. In the prime of life, he suffered fromtraumatic brain injury caused by a traffic accident which occurred in November 2013. If we know that his mother Rosely Almeida, 56, took care of him at home, it is impossible for the moment to know more about the circumstances of his disappearance. The family did not specify the causes of his death and whether it occurred in the hospital or at the family home. Paralyzed and unable to feed himselfRarison Ricardo needed a team of specialists to keep him alive for nine years at all costs.

These almost ten years spent in the coma have not been easy for the model. Rarison has indeed overcome a heart attack and pneumonia, in addition to other ailments. An electrical blackout which occurred in 2020 did not help his state of health either. “During this period, I was unable to keep any of my son’s devicessaid Rosely Almeida, who works as a nurse, in an interview with the Brazilian media G1. He developed pneumoniaI had no device to suck it up. The inflatable mattress dried out and bedsores appeared. He was no longer assisted by any electrical device, what he needs most. ” A heartbreak for the mother who had seen her son return to signs of life four years ago. In 2018, Rarison Ricardo again moved his eyes, head and hands very slightly, which prompted his mother to stimulate his vocal cords to help him speak.”Some people think he’ll get up and walk. I dream of this miracle, but I have no illusions“, confided then his mother to G1.

This model who made headlines in 2021

The day after an evening placed under the sign of the party, the body of Christy Giles was found dead alongside 26-year-old Mexican architect Hilda Marcela Cabrales-Arzola on a Los Angeles sidewalk in November 2021. The 24-year-old model was immediately taken to the emergency room then placed on life support. Without any signs of brain activityGiles had finally been cut off by her family a few hours before his birthday. A month after the tragedy, the police had made three arrests: Brandt Osborn, an actor seen in NCIS: Los Angeles, David Pearce and Michael Ansbach. According to an official statement, the two victims would have ingested drugs before doing an overdose in a residence in the heart of Los Angeles. Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón revealed last summer that he could solve three other cases of rape and murder linked to Pearce thanks to new incriminating evidence.

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