Prime Macron: are the columnists of “C à vous” entitled to it? Embarrassed Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine: Current Woman The MAG

Since the start of the health crisis, the government has implemented many measures. Some are aimed at stemming the health crisis and reducing the number of daily infections. Others have been designed to help the various businesses and workers heavily impacted by the pandemic. While supermarkets have been able to continue to welcome the public since spring 2020, despite the confinements, a bonus has been put in place to reward employees who have agreed to provide the service. This is particularly the case for cashier employees, who are extremely exposed to the risk of being contaminated by the hundreds of customers they see every day.

A premium that is debating

On Wednesday March 24, 2021, the president of the Leclerc group, Michel-Édouard Leclerc, was the guest of the show C to you, sure France 5. The businessman took advantage of this invitation to discuss the management of the health crisis by large supermarket groups. For him, the Macron Prime, dedicated to employees who have continued to work despite the risks, is a good way to encourage staff members, even if he sees it as an intrusion by the State. “What’s weird is that the state decides how we should operate“, he lamented. While Patrick Cohen pointed out to him that”not all companies are as virtuous as Leclerc“, Michel-Édouard asked if the chroniclers of C to you had received this famous bonus. A question that visibly embarrassed Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine: “We did not have any particular bonus. We did not have quite the same risks as for the employees of the shops“, she said, eager to move on to another subject. Patrick Cohen then explained that the bonus was addressed to”less privileged employees“.

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