Prime Minister: all about Catherine Vautrin, approached to replace Jean Castex

Catherine Vautrin, 61, is one of the women politicians approached to succeed Jean Castex at Matignon. His career at LR, as well as a rich CV could seduce Emmanuel Macron. And this, despite the few controversies about it.

Since his re-inauguration on May 7, Emmanuel Macron has still not announced the name of his new Prime Minister. After Élisabeth Borne, Audrey Azoulay or even Marisol Touraine, it is Catherine Vautrin’s turn to be cited as a possible successor to Jean Castex.

Born on July 26, 1960 in Reims, Catherine Vautrin very quickly began a political career by joining the RPR at the age of 20. Three years later, she joined the municipal council of the capital of Marne, during the fifth term of office of Jean Falala. At the same time, she became an executive in the European branch of Cigna, an American insurance company. But she resigned in 1999 to devote herself fully to politics.

A figure of the Marne and the right

His career is defined by a strong local anchorage. After serving as regional councilor for Champagne-Ardenne, in charge of operational services, she was elected RPR deputy for the 2nd district of Marne. Very quickly, she joined the UMP. During the government reshuffle decided by Jean-Pierre Raffarin in 2004, she was appointed Secretary of State for the Elderly and Equal Opportunities, before becoming Minister Delegate for Social Cohesion and Parity in 2005.

After the election of Nicolas Sarkozy as President of the Republic, Catherine Vautrin resumed her role as deputy for Marne from 2007 to 2017. During this time, she failed to run for mayor of Reims and was designated as vice -president of the National Assembly in 2008. In 2012, she became the national treasurer of the UMP, then under the presidency of Jean-François Copé.

But it was in 2014 that Catherine Vautrin was elected president of Reims Métropole, which has since become Grand Reims. Candidate for a fourth term under the LR label in 2017, she was finally beaten by the representative of the Republic on the march, Aina Kuric.

Demonstration for all and Bygmalion case

The former minister has been implicated several times for her political positions and affairs with the law. In 2013, she took a stand against the so-called law of marriage for all, even participating in the “Manif pour tous”.

Following the revelations on the Bygmalion affair, the overrun of Nicolas Sarkozy’s campaign expenses for the 2012 presidential election, she resigned from the post of treasurer of the UMP. “This collective resignation is normal given the context,” she told France Bleu. Indicted for “breach of trust”, she received a general dismissal in this case.

She was also “pinned” by the program Cash Investigation of September 13, 2016, devoted to the food industry. Catherine Vautrin appears, with other parliamentarians, at an evening organized by Ania, a charcuterie lobby advocating “well-eating”.

Support for Emmanuel Macron

Committed to Nicolas Sarkozy during the Republican presidential primary in 2016, she was his campaign spokesperson, alongside Éric Ciotti. When the Fillon affair broke out, she gave up supporting the candidate of the Republican right. She pleaded for “another candidate who devotes all his energy” for the post of President of the Republic.

In an interview with the newspaper La Croix dated February 8, she announced her support for Emmanuel Macron. “During the crises, those of the yellow vests and the Covid, he showed his ability to bounce back, to train the country. All these elements make me think that he is the man for the job, ”she explained daily.

There is no doubt that this reversal did not leave the President of the Republic, recently re-elected, insensitive. Her experience as a parliamentarian and deputy minister makes her a credible candidate for Matignon. Several sources indicate on social networks that she would be the favorite, or even already chosen.

Similarly, with Catherine Vautrin, Emmanuel Macron would repeat the same scenario as with Édouard Philippe (now Horizons), by again appointing a Prime Minister from the right.

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