Prime Video: one of the most sulphurous films of the 2010s is soon leaving the platform

He marked the last decade: the sulphurous Spring Breakers with a totally crazy James Franco will soon no longer be available on Prime Video.

A strange project bringing together actresses at the time best known for their projects on the Disney Channel (Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez) and ABC Family (Ashley Benson) around a James Franco transformed into a rapper and eccentric drug dealer, Spring Breakers is currently available on Amazon’s platform.

But that will soon no longer be the case since this trashy yet sexy film by Harmony Korine will leave Prime Video on March 31. So you still have a few days left to (re)discover the descent into hell of four broke girls who decide to rob a fast food restaurant to finance their Spring Break.

Arrived in Florida, Candy, Faith, Brit and Cotty have a blast at a party in a motel room until the evening goes wrong. The girls are then taken away by the police. In bikinis and with a hangover from hell, they find themselves before the judge, but against all odds their bail is paid by Alien, a local thug who takes them under his wing for better, but especially for worse. .

As festive, colorful, pop and fun as it is sordid and vulgar, Spring Breakers marked the cinematographic year 2013. How can we forget this scene where the hooded heroines dance weapons in hand on the title Everytime by Britney Spears sung by a James Franco giving his all to the piano?

The making of the film:

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