Prime Video wants to empty your wallet, a change that will annoy

Amazon will once again prevent Prime Video subscribers from taking full advantage of their programs with a secret new feature. A well-concealed change that will not please at all.

Just yesterday, Tuesday February 13, 2024, Prime Video made the news. And it was anything but good news since the video streaming platform is the target of a subscriber complaint. A class action was filed in the United States following the increase in the price of the historic subscription. This year, everyone who wants to see a film, series or documentary without advertising will have to pay an additional $2.99. This is already in effect on the American continent, but this change hides an unpleasant surprise which was not initially assumed.

Less good quality for Prime Video films and series

In a few weeks, no one will be able to dodge Prime Video ads. The e-commerce and SVOD giant has started to introduce ads into its “Amazon Original” productions. Films, series, documentaries and shows financed by the platform and which are exclusive to it. Any way to avoid this? Yes, by paying the new tax of $2.99. But surprise, it doesn’t stop there with this strange discovery from Forbes magazine.

If you refuse to upgrade to the higher Prime Video subscription, with the current price supplement, Amazon removes Dolby Atmos surround sound and Dolby Vision HDR technology from its content. A mistake ? A test ? No, it is voluntary and it is not temporary. “Since the publication of this article, Amazon Prime Video has confirmed to me that the removal of Dolby Vision and Dolby Vision from the basic subscription was deliberate. It was not a technical error” (via Forbes).

Finally, the service still copies Netflix and Disney+. Because to have 4K, HDR or Dolby Atmos, or even all three at the same time, you have to take out Premium subscriptions. Offers which are respectively available for €19.99 and €11.99.

Credits: Forbes.

Legal action to convict Amazon

As we can see in the screenshot from Forbes, depending on the subscription, Dolby Atmos and Vision disappear from the screen. Only HDR+ remains. Fault confessed is half redressed ? No, well not for everyone. Paying more to get less or worse has angered American Prime Video subscribers.

A group complaint was therefore filed recently. “For years, people signed up for and renewed Amazon Prime subscriptions thinking they could enjoy ad-free streaming. But last month, Amazon changed the game. Customers now have to pay an extra $2.99 ​​per month to get rid of it. Even those who have taken out an annual subscription and are halfway through their course » explains the representative of this class action.

In documents shared on the Web, the lawyer estimates that the damage caused amounts to $5 million. We’ll see how it all ends, but we obviously have to “get used to” the fact that prices are constantly increasing and that basic subscriptions are less and less advantageous.

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