Primonial REIM France has increased the price of its SCPI Primofamily for the 4th consecutive year

Photo credit © Reuters

( — In order to take into account the valuation of its assets, Primonial REIM France increased, for the 4th consecutive year, the subscription price of its SCPI Primofamily, which rose from 200 euros to 204 euros. These new conditions, detailed in the SCPI’s information note, have applied since July 1, 2022.

This new price increase by the SCPI Primofamily confirms the fund’s strategy, which consists of acquiring a European portfolio composed mainly of residential real estate to which is added a pocket of “managed” real estate, in particular through investments in the ‘hotel.

Even before the launch of the SCPI Primofamily in 2018, the teams of the Research & Strategy department of Primonial REIM France had analyzed the most promising residential investment territories in Europe and anticipated the creation of future value. Today, in an inflationary context, residential real estate, due to its defensive profile, remains one of the “safe haven” asset classes.


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