Prince Albert: Surprisingly private interview after separation denials

After the latest rumors of separation and his solo appearance at this year’s Rosenball, Prince Albert is surprisingly open about his family in a new interview.

Dark clouds hover over Monaco: After the last rumors of separation, which were spread by the French magazine “Royauté” and decisively rejected by the Grimaldis press office, Princess Charlène, 45, suddenly appeared alone in Milan. A few hours later, she surprisingly shone at Albert’s side at the award ceremony for the 11th Prix Monte-Carlo Femme de l’année in Monte-Carlo, only to miss the traditional Rose Ball just one day later. The rumor mill is churning, despite all the denials.

Prince Albert gives an insight into his family life

All the better that Monaco’s regent does not seem to be deterred and receives the French edition of the “Gala” in his home, the Prince’s Palace in the middle of Monaco. Here he not only shows the magazine the impressive renovation work in the palace, but also reveals private details about his family life.

Regarding the throne room, Prince Albert is asked if his son Prince Jacques, 8, would already understand his role as Monaco’s future regent. “I tell him what it means. Together with his sister, they sat on the throne without thinking much. It was a game. But I think it will come little by little, that he will learn at his own pace “, reveals the 65-year-old. However, Jacques’ real training has not yet officially started: “It’s a long process. It happens over time, in small steps.”

“I was a little freer back then…”

Currently, the regent would much rather accompany his children during their everyday life, picking them up from school regularly. “I do that whenever I can and they’re really happy about it. But they’re especially happy when I surprise them with a pick-up in the afternoon. They’re very melding and very close. You have to surround them, them create a happy environment and make sure everything is going well around them,” says Albert. He himself sometimes wishes he was a little younger. “I long for my 30s, more precisely for my 40s. Back then I was a bit freer than I am now. I often have very strenuous weeks that you can hardly break out of,” admits the prince. He can switch off after these stressful phases with walks in nature or by the sea:

That is very few moments in the year for me and my family life. But you have to keep it.

Prince Albert reveals a new side to Charlène

The restoration work has kept the entire princely family busy in recent months, as Prince Albert explains. “She [Fürstin Charlène] interested in it, even if she wasn’t on the construction site as often as I was. She is aware of the enormous restoration work that is being carried out here,” says Albert, revealing a surprising side of his loved one: “One day, when she was visiting the different apartments with some friends, she was playing [Fürstin Charlène] acted as a tour guide for a group of visitors who were there at the time. It was very spontaneous. She had a lot of fun doing it.”

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