Prince Andrew: hide and seek instead of visiting granddaughter?

Prince Andrew
Hide and seek instead of visiting the granddaughter?

Prince Andrew is involved in the Epstein scandal.

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Prince Andrew has become a grandpa again. Has he already seen his granddaughter? Allegedly he continues to “hide” at Balmoral Castle.

Is Prince Andrew (61) coming back from Scotland for his newborn granddaughter? On Monday, the palace announced that the Duke of York’s elder daughter, Princess Beatrice, 33, became a mother for the first time on September 18. The 33-year-old and her husband Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi (38) are happy to have a healthy daughter.

Andrew’s ex-wife Sarah Ferguson (61) is said to have returned from Balmoral in Scotland on Friday, according to the Daily Mail. The 61-year-old, who is still closely connected to her ex-husband, visited her second grandchild on the weekend, it is said. It wasn’t until February that Andrew and “Fergie” had become grandparents for the first time. Her younger daughter Eugenie (31) gave birth to son August.

Is Andrew still at Balmoral Castle?

Andrew is said to be staying in Scotland, according to media reports. He allegedly retired to Balmoral Castle. The first hearings on his case are ongoing in the United States. Virginia Roberts Giuffre (38) has filed a civil lawsuit against him. The allegation: Prince Andrew allegedly sexually abused the then minor between 1999 and 2002 on the property of the convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein (1953-2019). Andrew denies the allegations.

When the Queen’s son will return to Windsor, where he lives, seems unclear. An alleged insider told the “Sun”: “Andrew has made it very clear that he will not leave Balmoral. He seems to have been advised to hide and miss the whole thing.”

Notice of action served on US attorney

Andrew is currently allegedly holding crisis talks about his strategy in court. Previously, his legal team tried to delay proceedings on the grounds that the complaint was not properly served. The papers had first landed with Andrew’s chief security officer in Windsor.

Now the relevant documents have been handed over to his US lawyer, as Giuffres lawyers announced according to the “Sun”. The judge in the case is said to have previously declared this to be admissible. Andrew has 21 days to respond to the lawsuit, according to the report. The deadline has been running since last Friday.

According to the report, the plaintiff’s attorney said no attempt had been made to deliver the papers to Prince Andrew while he was visiting his granddaughter. The lawyer could not understand why he continued to “hide” after the complaint was served in the USA, he told the “Sun”.


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