Prince Andrew in Balmoral: Will he ever take on royal duties again?

Prince Andrew at Balmoral
Will he ever take on royal duties again?

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Public comeback of the disgraced prince? On Sunday (August 27) Prince Andrew (63) attended a service with members of the Royal Family in Balmoral, Scotland, and the Duke of York even traveled to the church in a car with Prince William (41) and Princess Kate (41). A gesture, which royal experts call a “public sign of togetherness”.. However, there will most likely not be a return to a royal life with official tasks and duties for Andrew, the experts are sure of that.

King Charles III (74) was “absolutely determined” that his younger brother would not return to public duty, quotes the “Daily Mail” an insider. “It has always been clear that the Duke is a beloved member of the family, but that doesn’t mean there will be any change in his royal status.”

Charles wants to ‘support’ his brother

However, the king made it clear “in private” that he “will support his brother and help him get his life back on track,” it said. Going to church together is a sign of that. The Royal Family is spending their first summer at the Scottish estate since Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022) died there in September 2022. Especially on the first anniversary of her death, they wanted to demonstrate unity.

“We know how close Andrew was to the Queen,” the Daily Mail quoted an expert as saying. In addition, the Duke of York has had to make some losses since stepping down from his royal duties. So Charles cut his income and he may have to move out of his home in the Royal Lodge in Windsor, and he also lost his police protection.

Andrew and the Epstein Scandal

Prince Andrew resigned from his royal duties in May 2020, had to give up his titles and patronage in January 2022 and has not been called “His Royal Highness” since then. The measures came after Andrew became implicated in the abuse scandal surrounding convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein (1953-2019). In February 2022, Andrew settled Virginia Giuffre’s abuse lawsuit out of court in a US court. Andrew, who is said to have paid millions to Giuffre, has always denied the allegations against him.


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