Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla: Royals restrict comments on Twitter


Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla
Royals restrict comments on Twitter

Prince Charles apparently wants to protect Duchess Camilla


Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla have restricted the comment function on their Twitter account. Allegedly because of "The Crown".

Prince Charles (72) and Duchess Camilla (73) have restricted the comment function on their Twitter account. A.on their page "Clarence House" can only comment on users who are mentioned in the tweets or on pages that the royal couple follows. The reason for this is apparently that negative comments towards Camilla have piled up since the fourth season of "The Crown" was seen on Netflix.

The current season of the series is heavily focused in part on the romance of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana (1961-1997). The British heir to the throne, played by Josh O'Connor (30), at least as it is seen in the series, continues to meet with Camilla Parker Bowles, played by Emerald Fennell (35), despite his wedding to Diana. Well, they do not get away with it, which according to media reports is supposed to be the trigger for the malicious comments that have occurred recently.

According to the US magazine "People", Buckingham Palace confirmed that the comment function was restricted. Some comments would not have been in line with the royals' social media guidelines, which prohibit offensive content. On the Instagram channel of Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla, however, you can still freely comment.

Netflix should show a warning

The fourth season of "The Crown" caused an outcry in Great Britain in recent weeks. Meanwhile, politicians and friends of the royal family are demanding that Netflix display a warning that the incidents in the series about the British royal family are fiction – and not historically accurate facts.

The British Minister for Culture, Oliver Dowden (42), recently joined the call. The series is beautifully produced but pure fiction. Dowden told the Mail on Sunday that he feared that the younger generation of viewers would believe it to be the truth because they did not live through the events themselves.