Prince Charles: He could lose a lot of money through the Corona crisis

Prince Charles receives money from the Duchy of Cornwall annually. Corona could slump its earnings next year.

Prince Charles (71) 's revenue from the Duchy of Cornwall rose to around £ 22.2 million last year. This is clear from the annual report that has now been published. However, revenue could decrease by a "significant amount" next year …

As heir to the throne, the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II (94) is entitled to income that is generated by land, buildings and investments by the Duchy. With the money Charles finances his charity work and, among other things, his office. At the moment, according to British media reports, he is also said to financially support his son Prince Harry (35) and his wife Duchess Meghan (38), who are building a new life in the USA. Prince William (38) and Duchess Kate (38) are also said to receive money from Charles' fortune for their royal duties.

Significantly less revenue

In fiscal year 2019/20, Prince Charles' personal income from the Duchy increased by £ 617,000 from £ 21,627,000 in 2018/19 to £ 22,244,000. Alastair Martin, who is responsible for the report, warned that the corona virus pandemic will likely see a huge drop in profits next year. It was too early in the new fiscal year to be able to say with certainty how the coronavirus pandemic would affect. However, it is assumed that the surplus will decrease significantly.