Prince Charles: He is flying a helicopter to talk about climate change


Prince Charles (71) has to take some criticism right now. The reason: the British heir to the throne has traveled about 200 kilometers in a private helicopter to make a speech about the environmental impact of air traffic. According to British media reports, the Royal flew from Highgrove to Cambridge to speak to university scientists who are concerned with how to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from air travel.

After meeting the scientists, Prince Charles was then flown to Sandringham, where he met his mother Queen Elizabeth II (93), reports the "Mirror". The paper quotes experts that Charles's helicopter trips caused a total CO2 emissions of 2.5 tons and are said to have cost around 14,000 euros. Critics then accused him of protecting the environment and being able to travel much cheaper by electric car or train.


That's what the spokesman for the royal says

A spokesman for the heir to the throne said Prince Charles was not personally involved in "decisions regarding his modes of transportation". "You will be hit based on what (…) is possible in terms of time, distance and security." However, the prince ensures "that all CO2 emissions are offset every year," the spokesman continued. "Sometimes he has to fly in order to fulfill the many obligations in the UK and around the world."