Prince Charles + Prince Harry: They should talk to each other again

Prince Charles and Prince Harry have moved further and further apart in recent years – and not just because there is now an ocean between them. But now father and son should have contact again.

Prince Charles, 73, and Prince Harry’s, 37, relationship has been shaped by depths at least since the so-called Megxit. During the Oprah interview in March 2021, Harry reported that his father had ignored his calls. In addition, Prince Charles is said to have been the member of the British royal family that is said to have worried about Archies, 2, skin color.

According to an insider, the two are said to have re-established contact.

“The communication channels are open”

The last time that Prince Charles and Prince Harry saw each other in person was at Prince Philips, † 99, funeral in April 2021. His granddaughter Lilibet Diana, 5 months, has not yet met Charles. Will that change soon?

According to a royal source, father and son should at least have made contact again after a long period of radio silence. “I believe that [Harry und Charles] Haven’t spoken to each other in a while, but now the communication channels are open, “the source told Page Six.

The source not named sees the Megxit in particular as the reason for the loss of contact. Harry and Duchess Meghans, 40, resigning as senior royals are said to have hit the son of Queen Elizabeth, 95, badly: “Charles was very injured when Harry and Meghan simply informed the family that they would give up their roles and move abroad. “

Prince Charles + Prince Harry: have they made up?

It is a big step for father and son to communicate again, but there is obviously no talk of a final reconciliation.

“I don’t think everything is rosy,” says the source. And further: “It is not the case that they sit down on the phone once a week to have an open conversation.” However, the insider does not reveal how often Charles and Harry actually talk to each other.

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