Prince Charming: Exciting facts about Alexander Schäfer

Alexander Schäfer goes in search of the right person in the gay dating format "Prince Charming". What do you need to know about the new prince?

Alexander Schäfer (30) is waiting for one of 20 single men to conquer his heart: In the gay dating show "Prince Charming" (from October 12th a new episode on TVNow every Monday and from October 26th on VOX) the Marketing manager from Frankfurt am Main as the successor to Nicolas Puschmann (29) in Crete, dating the single candidates and looking for the right one. What do viewers need to know about "Prince Alex"?

His character

"I wouldn't describe myself as conceited, but I'm already self-confident and satisfied with myself and at the same time I am super vain," reveals Alexander Schäfer in an interview with TVNow. In addition, he is basically a simple and sociable person who likes to be orderly and meticulous. He has been living in Frankfurt for eight years, and he doesn't really know why love has not yet worked out with such an impressive offer, says Schäfer, who has had long-term relationships, has been single since March 2020 and calls himself " little romantic "describes. "The right one can also be the last one."

His free time

In the villa, he inevitably gets to know the candidates in parallel. He also met men in his everyday life. "I don't find that objectionable in a dating phase." He met men, for example, on the banks of the Main, where Schäfer likes to spend his free time. In addition, he is a party person and enjoys Frankfurt nightlife. He also likes to take his around 28,000 subscribers (as of October 9, 2020) with him on his travels on his Instagram account.

His coming out

Alexander Schäfer had his coming out shortly before his 20th birthday, as he reveals. First he confided in his mother. "It was very liberating for me because I felt trapped. It really got to me that at first I couldn't talk about what was going on inside me and what made me happy because I already had a boyfriend back then," he explains .

His dream man

He wants his partner to be above all honest and attentive. The appearance is by no means insignificant for men, explains Schäfer. The man of his dreams is a tall, sporty beard who shouldn't be taller than himself, explains the 1.92 meter tall man from Frankfurt. But among the men there should also be "the little, blond boy from next door. I think that's pretty cute too." The man should also have the vision of living together, in which Schäfer also sees a shared apartment or house in the long term. The single man does not rule out weddings and children either. An absolute no-go for him are smokers.

His message

In terms of physicality, he has not made any plans to get to know the men and does not rule out anything. For him, cameras are something completely new, "but I do believe that I can make out pretty well in front of them," jokes Schäfer. With his participation, the man from Frankfurt also wants to convey a message to the outside world: "I think it's very important that we at 'Prince Charming' show how great same-sex love can be and thus pave the way for more tolerance and diversity."

He is pleased that the program can provide more information and acceptance in society. "Nevertheless, one must not forget that there are unfortunately still a lot of intolerant people – even in big cities like Frankfurt and Berlin, where you wouldn't expect it." That is why it is extremely important "that we stick to our path and show diversity with formats like this or at Prides. We have of course already achieved a lot, but there is definitely still room for improvement."