“Prince Charming”: The success story continues, season four is coming

“Prince Charming”
The success story continues, season four is coming

Kim Tränka is currently looking for his prince in “Prince Charming”.


The third season of “Prince Charming” just set a record when RTL is already announcing a fourth round of the dating show.

The third season of “Prince Charming” is at TVNow just in full swing, the confirmation of a fourth edition of the successful gay dating show comes from the broadcaster. RTL calls on interested men to cast for season four.

The continuation of the format is also due to the great success of the current episodes. Because according to the press release, the third season is breaking records. For the seven episodes so far that have been shown since the start on August 17, the values ​​of the third season are 30 percent above the values ​​of season two.

Season three is entering the home straight

Meanwhile, the record relay is turning into the home straight. The semifinals went live, in which the three remaining candidates Robin Solf (23), Thomas Hanisch (30) and Maurice Schmitz (22) meet the parents of “Prince Charming” Kim Tränka (31).

The final will take place on October 12th, when the Bremen car salesman will award the last tie. In the reunion show on October 19, the question will be answered whether Kim Tränka is still with his chosen one.


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