Prince Daniel is not allowed to celebrate his 50th birthday as planned

News about the royals in the GALA ticker: Prince Daniel has to postpone his birthday party +++ Swedish royals give an insight into the castle +++ Princess Madeleine bears a striking resemblance to a dear relative.

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December 1, 2022

Prince Daniel turns 50 – but he has to postpone his big party

Prince Daniel celebrates his 50th birthday on September 15, 2023, but Princess Victoria’s husband, 45, has to do without a big party on his special day. The reason: King Carl Gustaf, 76, celebrates his 50th anniversary on the throne on this very day. And that goes on. A “Te Deum” is planned [ein feierlicher Lobgesang, Anm. d. Red.] in the palace church, followed by singing in the palace courtyard in honor of the king. In the evening there is a big gala dinner in the castle.

And what about the birthday boy? “Prince Daniel is celebrated – but not on this day,” explains Reich Marshal Fredrik Wersäll when asked by the Swedish Illu “Svensk Damtidning”. He has to postpone his celebrations and adapt them to the royal schedule.

November 30, 2022

Swedish royal family gives insight into the castle

The Swedish royal family invited the new Swedish government to the “Riksdagssupé” on Tuesday evening, November 29, 2022. The glamorous event took place at the Royal Palace in Stockholm, and “a large number of salons were set up” for royal guests, as the court reveals on the family’s official Instagram account. In addition, the social media team of Princess Victoria, 45, and Co. shares some photos from the royal four walls and shows the opulent furnishings of the palace and the elaborate decoration for the dinner.

Princess Madeleine: This is what she could look like as a mature woman

On the 50th anniversary of the death of Princess Sibylla, † 64, the mother of King Carl Gustaf, 76, the Swedish royal family published some photos of the Royal. It was noticeable: The deceased and her granddaughter Princess Madeleine, 40, look strikingly similar. Unfortunately, they never got to know each other again: Sybilla died on November 28, 1972 as a result of cancer. She did not live to see her son ascend the throne in 1973. Neither did the birth of his three children. The monarch’s youngest daughter is a spitting image of her grandmother. Both have blonde hair and blue eyes, and Madeleine seems to have inherited the shape of her grandmother’s face. The mouth area and the shape of the nose are also very similar.

This was also noticed by many followers of the Swedish royal family’s Instagram account. On the 50th anniversary of the death of Princess Sibylla, who was born Princess of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, the court posted a series of pictures of the deceased. There are some comments under the photos that point to the resemblance between Sibylla and her granddaughter. “Princess Madeleine looks like her grandmother,” writes a follower – and she’s not the only one who notices. “So beautiful. Princess Madeleine looks a lot like her grandmother,” commented another. But the two women don’t just have something in common on the outside. The magazine “Svensk Damtidning” claims that their aversion to cooking connects them. Princess Sibylla is said to have once said in an interview: “I can’t even fry an egg!” And her granddaughter also said a few years ago on the show “Skavlan”: “I’ve never cooked a real meal for Chris. I’m a terrible housewife.”

November 29, 2022

Lady Amelia Spencer is getting married in March

Two years after the engagement, the time has come: Lady Amelia Spencer, 30, Princess Diana’s niece, † 36, will marry her longtime friend Greg Mallet. “I made something for you. 4 months until I marry the love of my life!”, The native South African wrote on Instagram for a video with pictures of his loved ones. This would mean that the wedding will take place in March 2023. “Ahhh this is so special! Love you with all my heart angel. Can’t wait to swap rings with you,” Amelia replied in the comments. In July 2020, Gregg had proposed to her romantically.

Lady Amelia Spencer is a daughter of Charles Spencer, 58, brother of the late Princess Diana, and thus a cousin of Prince William, 40, and Prince Harry, 38. She has been in a relationship with Greg Mallett, who is from South Africa, for over ten years .

November 28, 2022

Hof explains Princess Madeleine’s absence from important appointment

On Thursday, December 1, 2022, the “Global Child Forum” will take place in the Royal Palace in Stockholm, where many experts will exchange views on the subject of children’s rights. The event has been around since 2009, brought to life by Queen Silvia, 78, and King Carl Gustaf, 76. Princess Madeleine, 40, has also often been there in recent years, after all she is now the vice honorary chair of “World Childhood Foundation” that her mother founded in 1999. But this year Madeleine will not be able to take part in the important forum, as the palace explains when asked by Illu “Svensk Damtidning”.

“It’s because of the distance, because she now lives in Florida. The Global Child Forum is the royal couple’s foundation, and Princess Madeleine is actively involved in it,” explains Margareta Thorgren, chief of press at the court. However, according to the Swedish royal family’s royal diary, Crown Princess Victoria, 45, will appear alongside her parents on the day.

Camille Gottlieb shows up with her half brother

A few days after Louis Ducruet celebrated his 30th birthday, there is another reason to toast in Monaco: Maxime Gottlieb, the younger half-brother of Camille Gottlieb, 24, also celebrated his birthday on Sunday, November 27, 2022. The 24-year-old reveals this in her Instagram story. “Happy Birthday to my favorite little monster,” writes Camille Gottlieb about an extremely rare snapshot in which she poses with Maxime. While Camille kisses, Maxime nonchalantly shows the shaka sign.

Maxime is the son of Jean-Raymond Gottlieb, 55. The former bodyguard was in a relationship with the princess after the divorce of Stéphanie of Monaco, 57, and Daniel Ducruet, 58, but their love should not last – despite their daughter Camille. Jean-Raymond Gottlieb is now married again and has two sons: Thomas and Maxime, Camille’s half-brothers, with whom she has an extremely good relationship. “I’m very happy. I wouldn’t trade my family for another one for the world,” she said in an interview with “Point de Vue” in 2018.

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