Prince George: Here he even steals the show from his parents

Prince George
Here he even steals the show from his parents at the EM

Prince George was visibly thrilled to be able to watch this soccer game live.


As exciting as the European Championship duel between Germany and England was – for many viewers it was Prince George in particular who repeatedly attracted attention.

A day that he will certainly remember for a long time: Prince George was amazed when he was allowed to accompany his parents to Wembley Stadium on Tuesday. Prince William and Duchess Catherine had taken him with them at short notice to accompany the European Championship game between Germany and England. Not only was George and his dad William’s partner look a real eye-catcher, but also his childlike enthusiasm for football – even if he apparently had to discover it on site first.

Prince George: First bored, then excited

While George looks a little lost through the arena at the anthem, he is just as happy with his team’s second goal as his cheering dad. In the meantime, he explains to him in more detail what is happening in the game – in the video you can see how a prince becomes more and more a passionate football fan with every minute.

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