Prince George: He’s just learning to tie a tie

Prince George
He’s just learning to tie a tie

Prince George is going to a new school with new rules

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Princess Kate is teaching her son Prince George how to tie a tie – this requires his new school’s dress code.

They grow up so quickly: Princess Kate (40) spoke about the development of her children, who are now going to a new school. The princess revealed to a little boy that Prince George (9) is learning how to tie his tie for his school uniform.

The nine-year-old, his sister Charlotte (7) and Prince Louis (4) have been going to Lambrook School in Windsor since September. There are obviously strict dress codes. From the third grade, the boys there have to wear a tie with their uniforms.

“Well done!”

During a surprise visit to Wales, the princess immediately noticed a little boy’s tie: After the boy explained that he had tied it himself, Kate revealed: “I showed it to George because he now has a tie for school carry, so I have to teach him how to do it”. Continue she said loudly “Hello“: But well done, you did a good job on your tie. Nice to meet you.”

Lambrook is a Berkshire private school open to children from the age of three. The little prince is said to have internalized the fact that Prince George has a slightly different status than his classmates. He is said to have warned a school friend: “My father will be king, so be careful!” At least that’s what royal expert Katie Nicholl claims in her current book “The New Royals”.


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