Prince Haakon: His daughter’s new home was once his saving anchor

Prince Haakon
Ingrid Alexandra’s new place of residence was once the saving anchor for her father

Princess Ingrid Alexandra and Prince Haakon

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It’s certainly not easy to send your child out into the world, but Prince Haakon, 50, and Princess Mette-Marit, 50, don’t put any obstacles in the way of their daughter Princess Ingrid Alexandra, 19. On the contrary: the heir to the throne in particular knows that it is now time for his eldest to put out feelers. The young woman has allegedly packed her moving boxes and, according to the Norwegian magazine “Se og Hør” from the parental home Skaugum Estate in Asker Commune to their new home in the trendy Oslo district Grünerløkka moved – very close to the neighborhood where her father once went into hiding, in order to finally feel a touch of freedom, far from the constraints of the court.

Prince Haakon gave himself a legendary code name

Haakon’s “Mission Undercover” remained undiscovered for a while. The son of King Harald, 86, and Queen Sonja, 86, built a completely new identity for himself as a young student in the eastern Oslo district Stovner up. When he once threatened to be exposed, his new place of residence gave him a clever idea. On a Saturday evening in 1991, while out with a group of friends in Kragerø, the royal was asked the question by a girl: “Aren’t you?”, to which he is said to have answered with presence of mind: “I’m Johnny von Stovner.” . A laugh that evening and a name that still sticks with him today.

It was only in 2020 that Haakon was greeted as “Johnny from Stovner” when attending a performance with hip-hop elements by the Norwegian Touring Theater. Growing up in Oslo East was the dominant theme in the piece. In short: the king’s son was not able to maintain his anonymity for long during that exuberant time. Even back then, his escape from the limelight quickly dominated the headlines, so that his nickname from those carefree days still resonates in the memory of his compatriots today.

Princess Ingrid Alexandra and Papa Haakon are carved from the same wood

It is not known whether Ingrid Alexandra also uses a pseudonym. After all, your alleged move is already the talk of the day back home. And her new job is no longer a secret: After the future heir to the throne successfully completed her high school diploma this year, she will now work as a school assistant.

Down-to-earth plans that should make Papa Haakon proud. Daughter and father have an exceptionally close relationship, as mom Mette-Marit revealed in her touching confirmation speech for her eldest in August 2019: “This bond between you is something very special. You have the same black sense of humor and can laugh about the darkest things . Above all, I believe that you and Dad understand each other in a way that only the two of you can.”

The urge for self-determined freedom is in the blood of both of them, father and daughter. A deep understanding that will give Ingrid Alexandra wings in the new phase of her life.

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