Prince Haakon reveals what makes his son Prince Sverre Magnus tick

In a new TV documentary, Princess Mette-Marit has revealed one of her greatest fears. She is in “total panic” that all her three children will have left their home in the near future. Currently only Prince Sverre Magnus lives with his parents.

When the children fledge and leave the nest at home, it is likely to be a drastic experience for every couple of parents. Apparently this is also the case with the royals: Princess Mette-Marit, 50, and Norway’s Crown Prince Haakon, 50, have spoken about the feelings they associate with their offspring’s departure. The Crown Princess in particular revealed her fears.

Princess Mette-Marit reveals her fears

In the second episode of a new, three-part TV documentary entitled “Kronprinsparet – vårt Norge” (German: “The Crown Prince Couple – Our Norway”), Haakon and Mette-Marit, who have been married for over 22 years, discuss how they imagine their lives once each of the three children – Marius Borg Hoiby, 26, Princess Ingrid Alexandra, 19, and Prince Sverre Magnus, 17 – would one day have moved out of Gut Skaugum. “Panic,” Mette-Marit immediately answered the question, according to the Norwegian daily newspaper “Verdens Gang” (“VG” for short), which was allowed to watch the documentary in advance. “Oh no, it’s not like that,” Haakon replied with a smile, but his wife remained steadfast: “There is a feeling of total panic that the children are moving out,” she repeated.

Only Prince Sverre Magnus still lives at home

Although Mette-Marit said this in a humorous tone, such an honest answer is likely to be accompanied by natural fears. After all, the Crown Princess raised three children with her husband. your eldest son, Marius Borg Høiby, who comes from a previous relationship, moved out a few years ago, but still returns home regularly and even lived with mom again for a while. The future heir to the throne, her daughter Princess Ingrid Alexandra, also is said to have recently moved into her first apartment. Accordingly, only their youngest, Prince Sverre Magnus, currently lives permanently in the family nest. But this section is also likely to be coming to an end. Sverre Magnus will be 18 years old in just a few days.

Prince Haakon’s wife is proud of her family

When Princess Mette-Marit explained in the documentary that a large part of her life revolved around her children, her husband also became thoughtful. He admitted that it would be sad if they no longer all lived together under the same roof. “I can weave, and what are you going to do? Are you going to buy a motorcycle?” Mette-Marit jokingly asked her lover. The self-confessed water sports fan replied that he would buy “a few water toys”.

Princess Mette-Marit explains that she is very proud of the family they founded together: “I am proud that we have achieved something very important. That we somehow managed it.” Now her children are ready for the world. She also thinks that growing old with her husband is something “very beautiful, very absurd and very strange.” Both celebrated their 50th birthday this year. There will certainly be many more wonderful years together – even when all the children are out of the house.

Prince Sverre Magnus “is sweet, funny and gives the best hugs in the world”

After all, the Crown Prince couple protected their children as much as possible and allowed them to grow up as normally as possible when one was born into such an unusual family. In the biography “Haakon – Stories about an heir to the throne” written by Kjetil S. Østli, Haakon reveals a few details about his son, who has so far made himself largely rare in interviews and public appearances. “Magnus is the youngest and he’s been funny almost since birth. He’s sweet, funny and gives the best hugs in the world. He still does. In some ways he’s a little more cautious than the other two, especially in comparison to Marius,” said the proud father about Magnus, as Prince Sverre Magnus is called by his family.

The Crown Prince goes on to say that his son always enjoyed swimming and later got his youth diving license. Prince Sverre Magnus would also like to jump on trampolines and is a gifted skier and surfer. Hobbies that are common in the family. Prince Haakon is incredibly proud of all three children, but his youngest son stands out because he is the youngest of the bunch. “Magnus has always been the little brother, but he has developed enormously in the last few years. Fasten your seatbelts, because it was so much fun to be with him,” jokes the Crown Prince.

Is Prince Haakon revealing his son’s career aspirations here?

In contrast to his sister, the prince’s future is still uncertain. While Princess Ingrid Alexandra knows she will take the throne, little brother Sverre Magnus still has to find his own path. According to his father, he is good at learning things that interest him, including games, IT and computers. A few years ago, father and son built a computer together, an experience that Haakon also describes in his biography. “Magnus and I bought all the PC parts he needed and watched how to put it together on YouTube. Amazingly, it worked. He built the next computer himself,” said the 50-year-old royal, emphasizing: ” He has acquired an expertise in games and IT that he will probably need often in the future.” Is Haakon giving any indication of his son’s future career?

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