Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan: A lot of criticism for the latest book topic

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s plans to write a fourth book are already causing a lot of ridicule on the Internet, because they are said to have overdone themselves on this topic.

Prince Harry, 36, and Duchess Meghan, 39, are being torn apart on social media after it became known which topic the two ex-royals have chosen for their fourth book project.

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan: Mocked on the Internet for fourth book topic

Even before the first line is written, there is heavy criticism. Your fourth book is supposed to be about “leadership”, which causes a lot of ridicule on the Internet, because the two seem anything but experts in this field. Ever since it became known how badly Meghan is said to have treated her palace employees, it remains questionable whether Meghan is the right person to give advice in this area. And even Prince Harry, who never really built anything in his life or even “ran” a company, shouldn’t be seen as an expert in this field. Critics expressed their opinion on Twitter and find it absolutely ridiculous that these two of all people think they are experts in the field of “leadership”, reports “Radar Online”. Harry has recently landed a lucrative four-book deal for himself and Meghan, with one of the books only to be published after the death of Queen Elizabeth, 95.

For an advance of millions, Harry has to deliver sensations

Prince Harry has already received a hefty advance payment of 15 million US dollars – the equivalent of around 12.74 million euros. In return, the publisher will have great expectations of delivering sensational revelations. “This book will only make the Oprah interview look like the tip of the iceberg,” reports a source on Radar Online. “Harry won’t get a $ 15 million advance just because he’s a prince. He’ll get it because he’ll have agreed to unpack everything.”

Did the ex-royals overestimate themselves as experts?

Harry and Meghan are now set to work together to create their fourth book, which will focus on “Leadership and Philanthropy”. “What has Prince Harry done in his life that he thinks he can write a book about leadership,” said one commentator. “Two Leadership Failures Get Book Contract About Leadership?” Another asks in astonishment. “Executives lead, they’re not thin-skinned whiners like these two,” adds a third. The tweets go on and on. Aside from Harry’s explosive tale about the palace and the royal family, Meghan is also set to write a book about “wellness”.

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