Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan: This is how the couple performed in a popularity poll

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan
This is how the couple performed in a popularity poll

A new poll sees Harry and Meghan’s popularity continuing to decline.

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Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are getting worse and worse with the British. Your polls are falling, and Prince Andrew can even catch up.

Even Prince Harry’s (36) attendance at the funeral of his grandfather Prince Philip (1921-2021) on April 17th has not ensured that the British people are better off talking to him or his wife Meghan (39), on the contrary. A new poll from the UK polling company YouGov has shown that the already sharply reduced popularity of the two has fallen even further. And that means something in comparison with the other royals.

The positive votes for Harry fell again from 45 to 43 percent, for Duchess Meghan it went down from 31 to 29 percent. So she is still well ahead of the disgraced Prince Andrew (61) in penultimate place in the ranking. It is noteworthy, however, that even Andrew was able to increase in popularity again – from seven to ten percent.

The Queen is enthroned further up

In fact, Harry and Meghan are the only two of the notable family members whose polls continued to drop after Philips’ funeral. The biggest leaps in favor of the British, however, made Prince Edward (57) from 41 to 54 percent and his older brother Prince Charles (72) from 49 to 58 percent.

Queen Elizabeth II remains the most popular (95). It comes to 85 percent popularity, a full five percent more than in the previous survey. In second and third place are Prince William (38) with 80 percent (plus four percent) and his wife Duchess Kate (39) with 78 percent (plus five percent). It is followed by Princess Anne (70) with now 70 percent (plus six percent).