Prince Harry and Jill Biden: They honor the participants of the canceled Warrior Games

Prince Harry and Jill Biden
They honor the participants of the canceled Warrior Games

Prince Harry with British Invictus Games athletes in 2017.

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The Warrior Games had to be canceled. Prince Harry and Jill Biden now honored the people who would have attended the event.

At a virtual event on September 13th, Prince Harry (36) and Jill Biden (70), the First Lady of the USA, honored people who had participated in the Warrior Games. as reported by the US magazine “People”, among others. The event was supposed to take place in September, but had to be canceled a few weeks ago due to the corona pandemic. Similar to the Invictus Games initiated by Prince Harry, the Warrior Games are a competition for war-disabled soldiers.

Biden and Harry first met seven years ago at the Invictus Games in London. For the prince it is “such a pleasure” to see the many faces of the people who have participated in a virtual round, as he explained.

Without Warrior Games, there would be no Invictus Games

His first visit to the Warrior Games was very inspiring and he will never forget it. For most of the participants, it’s not about medals or victory. “The Invictus Games would never have been born had it not been for each and every one of you, your companions and families, who have inspired me with all that you give in the service of this country.” The games were “about the physical and mental fitness of those who have sacrificed so much,” he said with a “huge thank you.”

It makes Harry “incredibly happy” to see the pride on the faces of the participants and to know where they are today – after all that they have experienced. “Thank you for inspiring us. Thank you for showing us the way,” Harry continued.

The Invictus Games also had to be postponed due to the corona pandemic. The upcoming games are now to take place in The Hague from April 16-22, 2022. The Invictus Games will come to Germany in 2023. The event is planned for September 9-16 in Düsseldorf.