Prince Harry: Duchess Meghan encouraged him to seek therapy

Prince Harry
Duchess Meghan encouraged him to seek therapy

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Even princes sometimes don’t know how to deal with negative feelings. Fortunately, Prince Harry has recognized how he can deal with his traumatic experiences in life.

More and more often, Prince Harry (36) makes it clear that he feels much more comfortable in his new adopted home, the USA, than recently in Great Britain. A significant reason is of course the freedom that Prince Charles’ youngest son (72) experiences so many kilometers away from the British royal family.

But Harry had to learn to enjoy this freedom first. The disappointments he suffered from his family were still too distressing. The prince put himself in professional hands in order to be able to deal with his feelings properly, as he now reveals in Dax Shepard’s podcast “Armchair Expert”.

Prince Harry could not process the experiences alone

After Harry felt very hurt by the experiences surrounding the resignation as a high-ranking member of the royal family, he felt not only a sadness, but also a great anger and frustration. He was also still tormented by the fact that he had lost his beloved mother in a bad car accident when he was 12 years old. So far, Harry has freed himself from these negative feelings by boxing, but the redemption did not last long. Harry continued to feel helpless and wanted to process his traumatic experiences differently.

After all, it was Duchess Meghan (39) who gave him the decisive tip. “It was a conversation I had with my current wife. She saw it right away, she could tell that I was hurt and that some of the things that were out of my control really made me angry – it was going to my blood Bring to the boil. ”

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He wants to be a good father without anger

Harry went into therapy not only for himself, but above all for his family: “Because if I don’t know how to deal with it, how the hell am I going to be a decent father to my son and daughter?”

Now Harry can finally live out the freedom he longed for so much: “Because I live here, I can actually lift my head and I feel different, my shoulders have sunk, hers too, you can walk around a bit more freely. I can take Archie with me on the back of my bike. I’ve never had the chance before. “

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