Prince Harry + Duchess Meghan: This moment was particularly offensive

Did that day in March 2020 ultimately lead to Prince Harry not only splitting off from his role as royal, but also emotionally from the royal family?

In January 2020, Prince Harry, 37, and his wife Duchess Meghan, 40, announced that they were stepping down as high-ranking members of the royal family and becoming financially independent. Their appearance at the Commonwealth Day service at London’s Westminster Abbey was one of the couple’s last commitments before their resignation took effect.

Duchess Meghan smiled, Prince Harry looked tense

Even then it was observed that Harry and Meghan mastered this appointment professionally, the meeting with Prince William, 39, and Duchess Catherine, 39, but seemed very reserved overall. Body language expert Judi James told the Daily Mail: “It wasn’t the friendly reunion that we all hoped for.”

While Meghan always looked friendly, even happy, Harry looked tense. “The expression on his face looked distant, and his blinking quickened even suggested that he might have fought back tears as he sat behind family members he was about to say goodbye to.”

Was Harry aware of the snub at that moment?

One thing in particular is said to have offended Harry and Meghan at the time. At the 2019 Commonwealth Day service, Queen Elizabeth, 95, followed in pairs when entering Westminster Abbey – according to the order of precedence – Prince Charles, 72, with Duchess Camilla, 74, Prince William with Duchess Catherine and Prince Harry with Duchess Meghan. This year the palace changed the plan for the “procession” in a last-minute decision: the Sussexes and Cambridges were led into their place in pairs, the Queen only followed by Charles and Camilla.

A situation that the author and historian Robert Lacey describes according to “The Mirror” in his book “Battle of Brothers” as follows: “This made the snub in black and white – made visible for everyone. During the service, Meghan has her extreme TV – Put on a smile, but Harry seemed more gloomy as the ceremony went on. “

It is quite possible that Harry realized the extent of the offense at that moment.

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