Prince Harry: He criticizes Diana’s most famous quote

Prince Harry
He criticizes Princess Diana’s legendary quote from Bashir interview

Prince Harry

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Prince Harry lashes out at the royal family in his memoirs. In one passage he also seems to criticize his mother – and discards Princess Diana’s legendary quote from the Panorama interview.

Prince Harry’s 38-year-old memoir “Spare” will not be officially released until January 10, 2023. But numerous excerpts have already been made public. In these, the Duke of Sussex not only makes shocking statements about Prince William, 40, but also reveals extremely private details.

In an explosive excerpt, Harry also goes into the famous panorama interview that Princess Diana, † 36, gave to Martin Bashir, 59, in 1995 – and describes one of her statements as “wrong”.

Prince Harry: ‘William and I have been left out of the equation’

During the interview, Princess Diana talked about her failed marriage to the former Prince Charles, 74, and made no secret of his affair with Camilla, 75. “There were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit tight,” that is Quote that went down in history afterwards. In a section of “Spare” that “The Sun” already has, Harry now criticizes his mother’s statement, even saying that it would be wrong. “My mother’s statement that there were three people in her marriage was legendary, but her calculations were wrong,” he writes, adding, “William and I were left out of the equation.”

He also emphasizes that he was too young at the time to suspect his father’s affair. But he noticed that something was wrong, a “lack of stability, the lack of love and affection in our house” had prevailed.

Prince William blamed himself

Brother William, on the other hand, had become suspicious, which had “confused” and “tormented” him. When his suspicions were confirmed, the now 40-year-old was plagued by “terrible remorse” “because he hadn’t said or done anything earlier.” Nevertheless, the first official meeting between Camilla and William went “well”.

In this regard, Harry had had other experiences. The first meeting with his current stepmother was frosty. “Neither of us was particularly concerned about the other’s opinion. She wasn’t my mother and I wasn’t her main obstacle, in other words, I wasn’t the HEIR. That scene with me was a mere formality,” Prince Harry said.

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