Prince Harry: He threatens the BBC with legal action

Prince Harry
Because of “Lilibet”: He threatens the BBC with legal consequences

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Prince Harry takes on the BBC again. The reason this time: the name of his newborn daughter Lilibet Diana.

Prince Harry (36) and the BBC clashed again. Only recently, the Royal condemned the TV channel because of the 1996 interview between his mother Princess Diana († 36) and the journalist Martin Bashir (58). According to an internal investigation, Bashir allegedly provided the Princess of Wales with false documents in order to persuade her to do the scandalous interview. Prince Harry ruled in retrospect: “[Meine Mutter] has therefore lost her life “.

Now the Royal is again at odds with the television station. This time it’s about his six-day-old daughter Lilibet Diana. On Tuesday morning, BBC Royal expert Jonny Dymond spoke about information given to him by sources from the palace regarding the name of the youngest member of the royal family. He said: Allegedly, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan (39) did not ask Queen Elizabeth (95) for permission to use this name. Lilibet is the Queen’s nickname, which was only recently used by Prince Philip († 99) for his wife.

Prince Harry: He’s threatening legal action

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan tell a different version of the events: 90 minutes after the report was broadcast, the Duke of Sussex published a statement about the journalist Omid Scobie (39). In this he claims to have informed the Queen of the birth of his daughter as the first person from the British royal family.

Hours after his presentation of the events, Prince Harry went a step further and threatened the BBC with legal action through the Schillings law firm. Another statement was then drawn up by the royal. In this it says that the coverage of the British broadcaster is simply wrong: “The Duke [von Sussex] spoke to his family prior to the announcement of the birth of his daughter, his grandmother being the first person he called. During this conversation, he asked permission to name his daughter in honor of the Queen Lilibet. If Elizabeth hadn’t endorsed the decision, we would have [Harry und Meghan] not used this name “.

BBC: The broadcaster is sticking to its statements

The BBC changed its reporting, but claims that the Queen was not asked for permission to use the name Lilibet persists. The official statements from Royal expert Jonny Dymond regarding the supposedly idiosyncratic naming are still online in the social networks.

According to the broadcaster, the Prince’s last statement raised more questions than answered. According to palace insiders, Harry presented the Queen with a fait accompli, which she should only formally approve. Queen Elizabeth did not give her explicit consent to the use of her nickname for her eleventh great-grandson.

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