Prince Harry: ‘I was determined not to be like my father’

In his memoirs, Prince Harry tells of his childhood and the relationships within the royal family. He also sheds light on his complex relationship with Charles and reveals that he never wanted to be like his father.

Prince Harry, 38, and Prince William, 40, are said to have begged their father not to marry Queen Camilla, 75, William once physically attacked his brother, King Charles, 74, conveyed the message of Princess Diana to his second child without emotion, † 36, death brought: In his memoirs “Spare” (engl.: “Reserve”), the Duke of Sussex makes a sweeping sweep and does not leave out any unsightly details. In one chapter, Harry talks about the moment when he realized that he wanted to be a different father to his children than the current monarch was to him.

That’s why Prince Harry didn’t want to take father Charles as a role model

In November 2010, the palace announced the engagement of Prince William, 40, and Catherine, Princess of Wales, 41. His brother’s upcoming wedding made Harry ponder. “I thought hard about being single for a long time,” writes the 38-year-old, adding that he assumed he would be the first to marry. Because he had always had the desire to get married at a young age and start a family.

I always expected to be a father early because I was determined not to be like my father.

According to Harry, Charles, who was 34 when William was born, became a father “relatively late”. “I always felt that it created problems, created barriers between us.” The reason: In his “middle years” his habits became more and more important to the current ruler, he needed “regulated processes”. As a result, he spent less time with his sons.

“He was no longer a father who…”

“He was no longer a father playing tag with his kids endlessly or throwing them balls long after dark,” Harry said. But Duchess Meghan’s husband, 41, remembers a time when Charles was ready for silliness, played with him and William. “He’d chased us all over Sandringham, dreaming up wonderful games like the one where he’d wrap us in blankets like hot dogs until we cried out in helpless laughter, then pull on the blanket so hard we shot out the other end.” , he enthuses and emphasizes:

I don’t know if Willy and I ever laughed that hard again.

And that’s exactly what “Pa” stopped doing much too early. At some point he would have lacked “the zeal and the breath”. Harry, whose relationship with longtime girlfriend Chelsy Davy, 37, had recently broken up, wondered if his dream of becoming a young father could be fulfilled on the day William’s engagement was announced. After all, he had “difficulty” finding the right partner.

King Charles

Prince Harry also became a father at the age of 34

He finally met Meghan in the summer of 2016. As fate would have it, Harry “only” became a father for the first time at the age of 34. In the Netflix documentary “Harry & Meghan” the son of King Charles can be seen frolicking with Archie, 3, and Lilibet, 1, at his estate in his adopted home of Montecito. It is to be hoped that he will not run out of breath, which he vowed: “I would have it.”

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