Prince Harry + Meghan: Why a photo from the palace causes a stir

Prince Harry + Duchess Meghan
Why this photo from Buckingham Palace is now causing a stir

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan

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Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan have opened their private photo album for the first trailer of their Netflix documentary. In addition to numerous couple pictures and an unseen wedding photo, there was also a picture from Buckingham Palace – and it caused a lot of trouble.

Did Duchess Meghan, 41, and Prince Harry, 38, take their own photographer to Buckingham Palace without permission from Queen Elizabeth, † 96? That’s what palace employees have feared ever since they first saw the trailer for the Netflix documentary “Harry & Meghan.” The reason for this is this photo.

Did Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry secretly smuggle in their photographer?

The 59-second trailer shows, among other things, a recording that shows the Duke and Duchess of Sussex hand in hand as they leave Buckingham Palace, the couple heading for the garden exit. A previously unseen snapshot – and that’s exactly the problem.

Prince Harry + Duchess Meghan: Why this photo from Buckingham Palace is now causing a stir

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As “Telegraph” reports, the photo is currently causing a dispute among the palace employees. They even wrote to complain that Harry and Meghan had allegedly not asked permission to film or take pictures at the royal residence. Protocol dictates that anyone wanting to film or photograph inside the monarch’s home needs permission. It is now believed the Sussexes were not personally notified of the warning and their photographer was not asked to leave the premises. A “genuine violation” of protocol, one employee complains. “It’s fair to say there was a big surprise when they saw there was a photographer,” adds a source, adding, “You usually need a permit to take pictures in this area.”

Royal staff also believe the photo was taken during the Sussexes’ farewell tour of the UK in March 2020, during which time Meghan and Harry were accompanied by photographer Chris Allerton. However, it is still unclear whether he really took the controversial shot from the palace – no source is given in the Netflix trailer.

Intimate photos, interviews with friends and family: Netflix documentary is becoming more private than ever

It has long been clear that this snapshot will not be the only one that makes the palace walls tremble. In their documentary series, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan will give profound “insights into the other side of their famous love story” in a total of six episodes, according to the official Netflix press release.

Prince Harry + Duchess Meghan

The company further emphasizes: “The series examines the beginnings of their relationship as well as the challenges that eventually led them to step down from their full-time roles in the state organ. Through interviews with friends and family, most of whom have never spoken publicly, as well as commentary from historians who discuss the current state of the Commonwealth and the royal family’s relationship with the press, the documentary looks at far more than just a married couple’s love story.”

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