Prince Harry + Meghan: Why THIS wedding photo is special

Thousands of wonderful photos were taken at the wedding of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan on May 19, 2018 at Windsor Castle. However, one of them is unique.

The wedding of Prince Harry, 39, and Duchess Meghan, 42, provided the material that dreams are made of – also visually. Whether the bride’s arrival in a dream of white, her walk down the aisle with the then Prince Charles, 75, the exchange of rings with Harry or the first kiss: even six years later you can’t get enough of the happiness that photographer: captured inside in countless photos. But a photo of the couple is like no other.

This photo of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan thrilled the internet

Most photographers should know her, this one Second. The second that decides whether a photo becomes ordinary or something very special. London press photographer Yui Mok caught them this one second – and thrilled the world with it. Like many of his colleagues, Mok came to Windsor on May 19, 2018 to attend the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Although ladders and drones were banned for safety reasons, he was the only one out of hundreds who managed to photograph the couple from a bird’s eye view.

You can see it: The prince and the ex-actress hand in hand after the wedding during the carriage ride through Windsor. For this, Mok was celebrated by many users on the social media platform X, formerly Twitter. But how did he pull off the coup?

“I had less than a second”

When asked on his He continued: “I had less than a second to take this particular picture as I had to focus the camera through the metal bars I was standing on.” Absolute photographer’s happiness! But that’s not the only reason the recording stands out.

Fan brings Princess Diana (†) into play

The bird’s eye view allowed one user to make a special connection. “Thank you for sharing this beautiful and unique perspective with us. I hope the Duke and Duchess see it because it is a lovely reminder of their day,” she wrote to Mok, adding: “Let’s do this Call the picture ‘Diana’s Look’.” The idea that Princess Diana, †36, who died on August 31, 1997, watched her son and daughter-in-law from the afterlife – a thought that deeply touched the hearts of many royal fans.

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