Prince Harry, more than 600,000 euros paid by the British for his cause: a sum which may not have finished climbing

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It’s an answer that still doesn’t suit him: while he ended up agreeing, by leaving the royal family at the beginning of 2020, to renounce police protection guaranteed by the country in view of his title and his status, the Prince Harry quickly backtracked. He now demands to be protected by the British police each time he (rarely) comes to his country… Which the government refuses to grant him!

Not really supported by the other members of his family, Prince Harry then attacked this decision in court, in an attempt to regain his protection, he who says he feels in danger on British soil. But it was finally dismissed on February 28: judging that the first decision was not “not irrational” neither “tainted with injustice“, the judges decided to confirm the fact thathe must ensure his safety on his own.

This decision will cost everyone dearly: according to the British media, the English taxpayer spent £514,128 (around 601,230 euros) for these judicial review trials. And it’s not over: unhappy with this decision, the Duke of Sussex could now appeal… Other trials, just as costly, would therefore be organized!

Harry back in London soon?

Prince Harry will also obviously pay the price: between his own legal costs and those of the opposing party, which he will have to pay as often happens after a lost trial, the son of Charles III could write a check for almost a million dollars! A huge sum which should not be too complicated for him to find, given the incredible fees that his autobiography and the contract with Netflix (more than 100 million dollars) brought him, but which will, all the same, make a hole in his wallet!

This situation should not push Harry to return to London straight away: expected in May for an event linked to the Invictus Games, it was rumored that he wanted to take his two children with him, Archie, almost 5 years old, and Lilibet, almost 3 years. But with this new decision, the two toddlers, whom he considers safer in the United States, particularly in front of the press, will probably stay at home…

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