Prince Harry: Surprise performance at the Grammys – despite being absent

Prince Harry
That’s how he became the involuntary laughingstock at the Grammys

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All the news about the British royals in the GALA ticker: Despite his absence, Prince Harry earned laughs at the Grammys +++ King Charles and Queen Camilla receive new thrones for the coronation ceremony.

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February 6, 2023

Prince Harry: Surprise appearance at the Grammys – although he shone with his absence

The crème de la crème of show business presented themselves at this year’s Grammy Awards in 2023. And although Prince Harry, 38, did not crown the event with his presence, he caused hearty laughter. Responsible for the unintended star appearance of the royal was Trevor Noah, 38, who made fun of the new author from the highest British circles with thieving pleasure. The comedian made his cheeky joke as he called British late-night presenter James Corden, 44, onto the stage to present an award. He said, “James Corden is a 12-time Emmy winner and host of The Late Late Show. He’s also living proof that a man can move from London to LA and not have to tell everyone about his frozen penis.”

The net immediately went wild: “I bet Harry didn’t expect THAT,” joked one Twitter user. “Oh snap! Harry is not having a good week,” quipped another. And a third added: “Harry has braced himself for comedic fodder.” Well, as the saying goes, whoever has the damage does not need to worry about the ridicule. After all, King Charles’ youngest son, 74, had himself in his memoir titled ‘Spare’ [deutscher Titel: “Reserve”] revealed intimate details about his frostbite injury to his privates following a North Pole expedition. And a royal fan seems to have hope that Queen Elizabeth’s grandson, † 96, acknowledged his involuntary appearance at the famous music award with a laugh. “I’m sure Harry would have found it funny. He has a good sense of humor.”

King Charles and Queen Camilla receive new thrones for the coronation ceremony

The countdown is running! King Charles, 74, and Queen Camilla, 75, will be crowned in three months. For the ceremony, the monarch and his wife should each have their own throne made, following tradition. “There is always a new throne for a new monarch and this will be no exception,” a palace insider told the Daily Mail. King Charles’ new throne is to be adorned with the Tudor crown, in contrast to Queen Elizabeth, †96’s logo, which wore St Edward’s Crown.

However, during the coronation and anointing portion of the ceremony, the Regent will be seated in the historic coronation chair. This was commissioned by King Edward I in 1296 and Charles will be the 27th monarch to be crowned on it. It is believed to be the oldest piece of furniture in Britain still in use for its original purpose.

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