Prince Harry under cross-examination: In court he falters

Prince Harry
He falters in court

Prince Harry

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During the seven-hour cross-examination on the second day of the trial, Prince Harry threatened to buckle. He is said to have answered the lawyer’s questions “I don’t know” and “I don’t remember” several times.

It’s not an easy day for Prince Harry, 38: King Charles’ younger son, 74, is currently on trial in London. Before the High Court he has to testify against the Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN) – a process he himself had sought. But when he is cross-examined, he falters.

Under cross-examination, Prince Harry’s voice cracks

As the British “Sun” reports, Prince Harry collapsed in the witness stand on the second day of the trial: Queen Elizabeth’s grandson, † 96, was interrogated and peppered with questions for a full seven hours. While he first tried to turn the tables, angering the lawyers, he later found it increasingly difficult to contain his emotions.

Prince Harry

18 “I don’t know” replies in three hours

“That’s a lot,” he reportedly said in a tear-choked voice when asked to clarify the details of his case. He replied “I don’t know” 18 times in less than three hours to MGN lawyer Andrew Green. About nine times he had to admit: “I don’t remember.” He also asked the court four times not to put the questions to him, but to his legal team.

Prince Harry and other celebrities are suing newspaper group MGN for using illegal methods, including phone hacking, to obtain information the content of which was published in around 140 articles between 1996 and 2010.

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