Prince Harry: why his doppelganger fears for his life

On Wednesday January 11, 2023, Rhys Whittock, Prince Harry’s lookalike, gave an interview to the Mirror. Shortly after the Duke of Sussex’s memoir was released, he said he feared for his life.

After months of waiting, Prince Harry’s memoir is out. In these, the Duke of Sussex discusses his relationship with his father, Charles III, his marriage to Meghan Markle, but also his military career. Throughout the pages, we can thus learn that he killed “25 Taliban” during his missions within the British army, in Afghanistan. Since then, his look-alike, Rhys Whittock, camouflages himself when he goes out, and does not want to reveal where he lives in the United Kingdom because of the terrorist threat. For the Mirror, he said: “I started to feel uneasy when I heard Harry talking about his time in the army. My mom texted me and it gave me goosebumps. It just said, ‘Because of Harry’s statements in the military, he is now a target. You have to wear glasses in public.

Assuring he was mistaken for Prince Harry every day, this lookalike explained: “It’s disturbing to be someone’s doppelganger facing a sudden increase in security threats. Experts agree that it was a mistake to release this information. He exposed himself and his family to unnecessary additional risk.Worried, Rhys Whittock clarified:Although I look a lot like her, I don’t have an entourage when I’m on the go, so I think that should be clear to most people. I’m not the real Harry, but there are some crazy people out there. I have not been offered any security before for the jobs I do, but I would be very hesitant to do one in the current climate of no security for being mistaken for the real Prince Harry.

Rhys Whittock: ‘He seems deeply unhappy, angry, paranoid and isolated to me’

In all transparency, the lookalike of Prince William’s brother said: “Normally it’s pretty nice to meet people who think I’m Harry, but I’ve made sure to keep my hat on for the past few days.“Evoking the attitude of Prince Harry, this one slipped:”Many people are concerned for Harry’s well-being. He seems deeply unhappy, angry, paranoid and isolated to me. I have to smile less when I work, because Harry doesn’t smile as much as before.In closing, Rhys Whittock reminisced: “When I started this lookalike career, Prince Harry was universally loved and often considered the country’s second favorite royal, behind our beloved Queen. He had a great sense of humor, seemed to have great human contact with people – like his mother Diana – and a very good relationship not only with his brother William, but also with Catherine.

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