Prince Harry: why is he popular with young Britons despite all the scandals?

Prince Harry
Why is it popular with young Britons despite all the scandals?

Despite the Megxit, Prince Harry is very popular with younger generations.

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According to a new poll, young Britons favor Prince Harry as the future king. Why is the sixth in line to the throne so popular?

The majority of Britons between the ages of 18 and 24 would like Prince Harry (36) to take the throne instead of his brother Prince William (38) and his father Prince Charles (72, “Harmony: A New View of Our World”). Which lead to according to British media a new poll conducted by Deltapoll between March 31st and April 1st. Why is the sixth in line to the British throne so popular with young people? Four possible reasons.

Reason one: The monarchy is generally becoming increasingly unpopular

Although the Megxit and the Sussexes’ interview with Oprah Winfrey (67) have ensured that Harry and Meghan’s popularity in particular has declined significantly, the monarchy’s popularity is also stagnating. According to a Statista survey, which was carried out in October 2020, only 42 percent of 18- to 24-year-olds would like the crown to continue to exist. A whopping 34 percent, on the other hand, favor switching to an elected head of state. The monarchy receives the greatest support from the over-65 age group. 84 percent would like it to continue. Harry is not exactly considered a model royal and does not correspond to the stereotype of the British royal family. Precisely because of this, however, it could be all the more popular with young people.

Reason two: Harry’s status as a royal “underdog”

As sixth in line to the British throne, Prince Harry’s chances of becoming king are now vanishingly slim. He was also overshadowed by his older brother, Prince William, throughout his life. However, according to Royal experts, his status as an “underdog” in the British royal family, which the 36-year-old is trying to escape with the “Megxit” and his move to the United States, could make him popular with his generation and those who follow.

Reason three: He resembles Princess Diana in many ways

Harry’s mother Princess Diana (1961-1997) was revered by many British people as the “princess of hearts”. Like her, her youngest son is passionate about charity – without expecting recognition. In 2016, for example, he secretly visited a hospital in east Londonto find out about AIDS disease. Lady Di had also paid him a visit years earlier and kissed an HIV patient on the cheek in front of the photographer. Another quality Harry shares with his mother is his love for children.

Reason four: He embodies the modern man

In the past, it was not part of the typical image of men to show feelings and admit deficiencies. Today, however, the tide has turned in this regard and it is increasingly considered a strength to deal with it openly. Prince Harry embodies the modern man in many ways, which is exactly why it might be so popular with younger people. So he likes to admit that he cannot sing and is not afraid to show emotions. An example: At the “WellChild Awards” in London in 2019 he suppressed a few tearswhen he was talking about the birth of his son Archie (1).