Prince Harry’s tense return to London for Prince Philip’s funeral: Current Woman The MAG

Back home. Prince Harry, who has lived in the United States with his wife, actress Meghan Markle, since March 2020, was seen at Heathrow Airport on Sunday 11 April 2021, as reported by Daily Mail. Indeed, the Duke of Sussex had to rush back to England for a very sad event. After the loss of his grandfather, Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II, he will attend the last tribute to him, Saturday April 17, at St George’s Chapel, Windsor. A funeral that should be very moving… but also tense. It must be said that the couple formed by Meghan and Harry has put themselves on the sidelines of the rest of the royal family by abandoning their titles and their leading role within the family. Their last interview with Oprah Winfrey shook the crown, and even their post at the news of the Queen’s husband’s death was criticized. This return of the prince (without his wife since being pregnant, she did not have the authorization to travel), therefore plans to be a fairly tense moment … Thus, the father of little Archie went alone in his native country.

A funeral under pressure?

Arrived on English soil, dressed in chinos, a jacket and a black mask, he should be placed in quarantine, due to a health crisis. But Harry will be able to leave solitary confinement exceptionally to attend the funeral of his grandfather. Indeed, the rules in the country allow to temporarily leave his place of quarantine for reasons of “compassion“, which includes the funeral of a loved one. This does not prevent that, during his entire period of isolation, Prince Harry will have to perform multiple tests. On the day of his grandfather’s funeral, Prince Harry will be dressed in a simple costume, unlike Prince William, his brother, and Prince Charles, his father, who still have their military titles – titles he gave up when he left the family. This event will be a real test for the family, since relations are very strained. Tom Bower, author of the biography on Prince Charles, believes the prince will have to be very careful: “If he arrives with a warlike attitude, sure of his rights and free from any reproach, he risks sealing a permanent divorce with his familySo, when he follows Prince Philip’s coffin on foot alongside his brother, Harry should take the opportunity to ease the tensions.

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