Prince Joachim: Hof publishes a surprising statement about his son Henrik

News about the royals in the GALA ticker: Prince Joachim’s son Count Henrik is confirmed in Paris instead of Denmark +++ Louis and Marie Ducruet have big things to celebrate +++ Princess Aiko is getting ready for the last year of study.

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April 13, 2023

Prince Joachim: His son Count Henrik is confirmed in Paris instead of Denmark

Count Henrik von Monpezat, 13, is the first grandchild of Queen Margrethe, 82, not to be confirmed in native Denmark. As the court announced in an official statement on the palace website on Thursday, April 13, Prince Joachim’s son, 53, “will be born on Ascension Day, May 18, 2023, […] Confirmed in the Frederikskirken – the Danish church in Paris. […] The confirmation will then be celebrated in the private circle of family and friends.”


Also present are: Crown Prince Frederik, 54, Crown Princess Mary, 51, and the couple’s children, the Danish newspaper “BT” found out shortly after the announcement. However, Queen Margrethe cannot travel to Paris due to her back operation, the court told the “Ritzau” news agency.

Søren Jakobsen, royal house expert from “Se og Hør”, does not see a conspiracy behind the decision to have the confirmation take place in Paris and not in Denmark. He does not think that Joachim – his mother deprived his children of the prince and princess titles at the beginning of 2023 – wants to deliberately exclude Margrethe from the celebration. Jakobsen sees practical reasons behind the decision and finds it only logical to organize the confirmation in the country where Prince Joachim and Princess Marie, 47, have lived since 2019.

On March 17, 2023, the Danish Court announced that Joachim will serve as the Defense Industry Attaché at the Danish Embassy in Washington DC from September 2023.

Marie and Louis Ducruet: Family Day Out with Baby – and Party for Puppy Pancake

On April 4, Marie, 30, and Louis Ducruet, 30, became parents for the first time. Her daughter Victorie was born at 6:15 p.m. This was revealed by the first snapshot of her birth band, which the proud parents shared on Instagram a few days ago. A good week later, the small family is already taking a trip to the sea with a pram.

Prince Joachim: Son Henrik's big day is different than expected


Marie shares moments of the sunny spring day in her Instagram story. Right at the beginning of the video, resourceful Royal fans can catch a glimpse of their baby’s head snoozing peacefully in its stroller. She writes: “With my three loves”. Actually, it’s Pancake’s big day. In another recording, Stéphanie von Monaco’s daughter-in-law, 58, reveals that her beloved dog has turned five. To celebrate the day there is an adorable birthday bib.

Prince Joachim: Son Henrik's big day is different than expected


April 12, 2023

Princess Aiko: She is going back to the university full of joy

Princess Aiko, 22, is at a particularly exciting time in her life as she enters her final year at Gakushuin University in Toshima. Before the daughter of Emperor Naruhito, 63, and Empress Masako, 59, goes to a seminar in her major “Japanese Literature”, she happily poses for the cameras.

Princess Aiko at Gakushuin University

Princess Aiko at Gakushuin University

© Issei Kato / Getty Images

Of course, the 22-year-old still has her duties to the Japanese people in mind, as she made clear at her first press conference in March 2022. She wants to perform her duties “to the best of her ability” and appreciates them. Nevertheless, this degree and thus her last year at the university currently have priority. Especially since she can appear there again in person. Due to the corona pandemic, the princess has only been able to take online courses for the last three years, which is why this day should be particularly nice for her. What awaits her after that, she will surely announce after graduation.

Count Nikolai appears with his girlfriend Benedikte

Count Nikolai, 23, and his girlfriend Benedikte Thoustrup have been a couple for almost four years and even moved to Paris together. All too often they do not appear together in public. They made their Instagram debut with a sweet snap in October 2021, and since then there have been few public appearances as a couple.

The photo that the Count of Monpezat shares on his Instagram profile is therefore an absolute rarity. Nikolai posts several pictures showing a compilation of his “last days”. The first snapshot in the gallery already shows him with his Benedikte. The two walk side by side down a street, she holds an umbrella in her hand and looks at her royal partner in love.

The other photos reveal that Nikolai and Benedikte are traveling with at least one other friend, he may also have taken the photo. Benedikte also comments on the beautiful review – a sweet declaration of love for her boyfriend. She posts a heart smiley and a red heart emoji.

April 11, 2023

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima: Warm welcome for Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron

Brigitte, 69, and Emmanuel Macron, 45, have arrived in the Netherlands! King Willem-Alexander, 55, and Queen Máxima, 51, warmly welcomed the French President and his wife to Amsterdam. “After the introduction of the delegations, the naval band will play the national anthems of both countries. Next will be the inspection of the honor guard. Dutch authorities will then be introduced at the Royal Palace in Amsterdam, after which there will be a reception and lunch,” reads the royal family’s official Instagram account first pictures of the state visit.

Macron’s visit to the Netherlands on April 11-12 “helps to deepen cooperation, with France and the Netherlands working towards a stronger, greener and safer Europe,” the government’s information office said at the end of January. The French politician and his partner made a brilliant first appearance.

Is Juan Carlos planning a secret meeting with King Charles?

Juan Carlos, 85, is expected to return to Spain shortly, according to the Spanish newspaper “El Mundo”. The old king plans to make a stop in Britain before his trip to the Galician resort of Sanxenxo. According to “La Vanguardia”, the royal, who has been living in exile in the United Arab Emirates since 2020, has an appointment with King Charles in London on April 17.

The reason: Juan Carlos, who last appeared in public at Queen Elizabeth’s †96 funeral, refused to attend the monarch’s coronation in May. As an alternative, the British sovereign is said to have invited the ex-king to lunch, which is now set to take place a few weeks before the historic event. The 85-year-old will then take part in a regatta in north-west Spain from April 19th to 23rd.

April 10, 2023

Princess Charlène: With pleasure she presents the renovated palace

In an interview with “Hello”, Prince Albert gives deep insights into the newly renovated palace and reveals what Princess Charlène, 45, thinks of the changes. Restoration work has been going on for about eight years to restore the house’s precious works, which symbolize the importance of the Grimaldi family and their devotion to the land.

According to Prince Albert, 65, his wife was enthusiastic about the work undertaken and very happy that it was possible at all. In an interview he explains: “Last year she guided some of her guests through the state apartments and really enjoyed showing them the frescoes. It shows how much she cares about the project and that she expresses our family’s joy at these beautiful works want to share.” Incidentally, their children, Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques, both 8, would also get to know the palace better and be initiated into the myths and legends of the palace, as the prince reveals. It is particularly important to him to show them what the portraits and frescoes of their ancestors actually mean. But he hadn’t told them everything yet.

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