Prince Julian: This is his christening gown

Prince Julian
He will wear this christening robe

Prince Julian

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The christening robe is passed on from generation to generation in Sweden. After Princess Adrienne in June 2018, it is now Prince Julian’s turn.

On Saturday (August 14, 2021), Prince Julian, the youngest offspring of Prince Carl Philip, 42, and Princess Sofia, 36, will be baptized. The preparations for this are in full swing, the course of the festivities is set. What the youngest member of the Swedish royal family will wear on their big day has also already been clarified, because the christening gown is a tradition among the Swedish royals.

Prince Julian wears the Swedish royals’ christening gown

It is not yet known who the godmothers of Prince Julian will be, but it is clear which dress he will wear. After all, the item of clothing has been passed on from one person to be baptized in the Swedish royal family since 1906. Princess Adrienne, 3, was last baptized in it, so now it’s Julian’s turn. His brothers Prince Gabriel, 3, and Prince Alexander, 5, also saw the ceremony in the dress.

The dress is made of cotton batiste and Valencienne lace, the slip is made of silk satin. The dress also includes a shirt made of lace and a christening napkin, also made of batiste with Valenciennes lace. Since the baptism of King Carl Gustafs, 75, sister Princess Margaretha, a cape and a hat made of cream-colored silk satin have also been included.

Every royal baby leaves its mark

The special thing about the family heirloom: The names of the previous wearers and the respective baptism date are on the edge of the throw. Julian’s name will now be the next to be embroidered into the silk satin.

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