Prince Michael of Kent: The Queen’s cousin is retiring

Prince Michael of Kent
The Queen’s cousin is retiring

Prince Michael of Kent and his wife perform in Windsor.

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Prince Michael of Kent, a cousin of the Queen, reportedly wants to retire from public life with his wife.

Prince Michael of Kent (79) and his wife Marie Christine (77) are said to be retiring. According to British media reports, the decision comes a few months after the 79-year-old, a first cousin of Queen Elizabeth II (96), severed his close ties to Russia due to the Ukraine war.

Michael of Kent is related to the Russian Tsar Nicholas II (1868-1918) through his grandmother. According to British media reports, he has now resigned as patron of the Russo-British Chamber of Commerce and returned a Russian medal.

80th birthday retreat?

According to The Telegraph, an official announcement about the withdrawal of Prince Michael of Kent and his wife come in the coming days. It is to be announced that the two will retire together from public life. Retirement is expected to coincide with the royal’s 80th birthday on July 4th.

According to the Royal Family’s official website Michael of Kent, who like the Queen is one of the nine grandchildren of King George V (1865-1936), is considered a “non-working royal”. His public appearances for charity, around 200 a year, are funded by his own budget and not by the taxpayer. He and his wife are said to be involved in numerous different charities.

Already at the Queen’s wedding

Prince Michael of Kent attended the Queen’s wedding to Prince Philip (1921-2021) at the age of five. At family celebrations he can always be seen at the side of the monarch, just like his siblings, Prince Edward (86) and Princess Alexandra (85).

In 2017, however, Princess Michael of Kent had to apologize for a faux pas: she arrived at the Queen’s Christmas dinner at Buckingham Palace with a “Blackamoor” brooch on her coat depicting a black figure, which critics see as a racist reference. Also present was Prince Harry’s (37) then-fianc√© and now-wife, Meghan (40). The US actress has a white father and an African American mother.

A spokesman for the 77-year-old was quoted by “The Guardian” at the time: “The brooch was a gift and has been worn many times. Princess Michael is very sorry, she is saddened that people felt offended.” At the wedding of Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry in May 2018, Prince and Princess Michael of Kent are said to have been present.


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