Prince Philip: For this he interrupts his public abstinence

Prince Philip will interrupt his public abstinence for a military ceremony.

Prince Philip (99) actually resigned from all of his public duties in 2017. For a military ceremony, the 99-year-old Royal will come back again for a rare public appearance. On July 22nd he handed over his role as Colonel of Honor of the British Rifles' Infantry Regiment to Duchess Camilla (73).

The handover begins at Windsor Castle, where Prince Philip will appear in the open air to the media, according to The Daily Telegraph. Philip is received by a band from the regiment. From there, the ceremony continues to the private country estate of Camilla and her husband Prince Charles (71) in Highgrove. The Duchess is then welcomed as the new Colonel of Honor.

Prince Philip was appointed Colonel of Honor in 2007 when the Rifles were founded. Previously, the husband of Queen Elizabeth II (94) had held this post in various predecessors of the regiment since 1953.