Prince Philip: He planned his funeral in great detail

Prince Philip
He planned his funeral down to the last detail

Prince Philip himself chose insignia and hearse for his funeral

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Prince Philip did not want to leave anything to chance at his funeral. That’s why he chose the funeral car and insignia himself.

Prince Philip (1921-2021) seems to have planned his funeral down to the last detail. As reported by the British Daily Mail, among others, the Duke of Edinburgh personally selected the insignia that will stand on the altar in St George’s Chapel on Saturday (April 17th) before his death. These include medals and awards bestowed on him by countries in the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth.

There are also other insignia from Denmark and Greece, including the Order of Philips Elephant and Redeemer, the Royal Air Force’s lapel wings and his field marshal’s baton. In the chapel, the awards are to be placed on a total of nine pillows that were specially made for the burial. The insignia is said to have meant a lot to Prince Philip.

Special car drives him to his resting place

Another detail that Prince Philip has been working on for years is the vehicle that drives him to his resting place in the coffin. This is a custom built Land Rover Defender TD5 130. According to the Daily Mail Work on the car is said to have started in 2003 and was completed in 2019.

The vehicle has an open rear that has been modified to fit the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II’s late husband (94). It is also no coincidence that the Land Rover is painted green. With the color, Philip wanted to express his attachment to the military until the end. In addition, the car should also pay homage to the Prince Consort, who had a great passion for technology and design.