Prince Philip: Queen's husband remains in hospital

Prince Philip
The Queen's husband remains in the hospital

Prince Philip has been in the hospital for more than a week.

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Prince Philip is not allowed to leave the hospital. According to the British media, he will have to stay in the clinic "until next week".

Prince Philip (99) has to stay in the hospital for another week. The British "Mirror" claims to have found out from royal circles. Accordingly, the 99-year-old will stay for a second weekend and "until next week" in London's King Edward VII's Hospital, to which he was admitted in mid-February. It is the Duke of Edinburgh's longest known hospital stay to date.

According to a statement from Buckingham Palace, Queen Elizabeth II's husband (94) has been battling an unspecified infection for a few days. In the end, however, it was said that he felt well and responded to the treatment. Prince Philip was admitted to the London private clinic from Windsor Castle on February 16. It was a "precautionary measure" because he felt uncomfortable, it said in an initial message from the palace.