Prince Philips funeral service: Prince Andrew desperately wants to wear a uniform

Prince Philip will be buried in a small circle next Saturday, only 30 guests are allowed to attend the funeral service. Prince Andrew too. But this brings the Queen in a lot of distress with his dress request.

Prince Philip died on April 9, 2021 at the age of 99, and preparations for his funeral are in full swing. Because: every detail will be well thought out, British Royal experts are certain. These include, on the one hand, the applicable corona regulations and internal family conflicts, which should definitely not play a role on this day.

Prince Andrew wants to appear as an admiral

The focus should be solely on the life of Prince Philip. But not all members of the Royal Family seem to accept that: As “Mail Plus” reports, Prince Andrew, 61, should insist on being allowed to appear at his father’s funeral as an admiral and in the appropriate uniform. The monarch has to make this decision within the next 24 hours.

Prince Andrew was named Vice Admiral in the Royal Navy on his 55th birthday. On his 61st birthday last year he was promoted to admiral, but he offered not to accept the title until his name has disappeared from the headlines and he can devote himself to his public duties “in the foreseeable future”.

That has not happened so far: Prince Andrew’s alleged involvement in the Epstein scandal has been causing discussions for months. Andrew’s alleged revelatory interview that was supposed to save his damaged reputation also went quite wrong. The public did not see him until his father died.

Prince Philip: Who wears a uniform at the funeral service?

Queen Elizabeth, 94, decides in person who will wear an official uniform at Prince Philip’s funeral. “There are ongoing discussions about the right course of action,” reveals a palace insider. In addition to Prince Andrew, Prince Harry, 36, could appear in a suit instead of a uniform, after all, the Queen’s grandson finally resigned as Senior Royal a few weeks ago. Prince William, 38, Princess Anne, 70, Prince Charles, 74, and Prince Edward, 57, should appear in uniforms on Saturday without any problems.

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