Prince William and Duchess Catherine: why do they never hold hands?


Royal puzzle
Why is William and Kate never holding hands?

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We are always happy when there are pictures of our dearest aristocratic couple. We would be even more happy if we saw William and Kate holding hands or kissing. But that won't happen.

Of all the royals, Kate and William are definitely our favorites. Because even after almost 20 years of relationship, the two are an absolute dream couple. The prince and his wife have really looked for and found each other – and yet, unlike their blue-blooded colleagues in Sweden or the Netherlands, they rarely show how in love they still are. Holding hands in public? A rarity! A kiss here and there? No way! But why actually?

The answer is as banal as it is understandable. Because as members of the English royal family and members of the public, it is important to maintain professionalism. Holding hands at official appointments is simply not welcome. Another problem: Prince William and Duchess Catherine shake quite a few hands on these dates. So it doesn't hurt to have them free for long greetings, as nobility expert Emily Nash explains according to 'Bunte'.

For the fans of the popular royals this is of course little consolation. How good that there are nevertheless at least occasional recordings in which William and Kate feel unobserved and share an intimate moment.

Royal puzzle: why will William and Kate never hold hands?

© Gettyimages / Chris Jackson

Royal puzzle: why will William and Kate never hold hands?

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That's why William & Kate don't sign autographs

By the way: did you know that William and Kate are not only holding back when it comes to public declarations of love, but also when it comes to autographs? When it comes to their fans, Prince William and Duchess Kate like to be close to the people. Whenever it suits, they enjoy the bath in the crowd, chat about God and the world and shake hands diligently. But anyone who hopes to take a selfie with the popular royals or even get an autograph will be disappointed – because the popular blue bloods strictly reject both.

But that has nothing to do with arrogance or vanity. When it comes to autographs, in particular, it's all about security. Just imagine if a member of the royal family's signature fell into the wrong hands? The risk of a fake making the rounds is simply too great.

The fact that the royals don't pose for selfies has nothing to do with certainty, but with a lack of time. The schedules of William, Kate and Co. are so tight that there is simply no time for photos. They prefer to use the few moments that the blue bloods have to meet as many fans as possible. And who can blame them for that?

So if you get the chance to meet William and Kate, you should use this opportunity for a short chat with them.