Prince William + Duchess Catherine: boarding school for Prince George can wait

Prince William and Duchess Catherine want to take their time with the boarding school of their eldest son Prince George. An insider knows why and gives details of their decision.

Prince William, 39, and Duchess Catherine, 39, are basically still open to the idea of ​​Prince George, 8, going to boarding school one day, but they don’t want to rush it and have good reasons for doing so. Even if it is more or less a tradition of the English royal family that male royals are prepared for later life very early in a boarding school, Kate and William want to break with this tradition. An insider reports in an interview with “Us Weekly” why the Royals do not want to rush this decision under any circumstances.

Prince William and Duchess Catherine: boarding school for Prince George can wait

“Kate and William are open to sending George to boarding school at times and have reviewed a number of eligible schools, but they think George is a little too young at eight. They want to wait until he’s a little older, “reveals the palace insider. “George’s boarding school is a decision the Cambridges will make together as a family. They would never force George to leave. He will be retrained if he agrees.”

Prince George loves his parents’ boarding school stories

Prince George has now heard entertaining boarding school stories from his parents from their childhood and youth and finds the whole topic incredibly exciting. The insider goes on to say that although the future king thinks the idea of ​​going to boarding school one day is great, he currently feels at home in Thomas’s Battersea School and has many friends there. Charming little George has been attending school since 2017 and is “one of the most popular boys in the class.” George’s younger sister Princess Charlotte, 6, has also been attending this school with enthusiasm since 2019.

The Mini-Royal is aware of its role

The mini-royal is aware that one day he will be the king of England, it is said. “William has already explained his future role to George and he loves learning about his family in history class,” the insider said. “William tries not to overwhelm him with too many facts right now, but George is already aware that his role in real life is about more than what is portrayed in Disney films and children’s books.”

Source used: UsWeekly

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