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In a video filmed in January 2021, Prince William raged at a paparazzi hanging around the family estate of Sandringham, while he was on a walk with his family.

It is rare to see him in this state. In video filmed in January 2021 and put online on Monday June 27 on social networks, we can see the Prince William furious with paparazzi, whom he accused of prowling around the family estate of Sandringham while out on a bike ride with his family. At the beginning of this sequence, the husband of Kate Middleton loses his temper against the photographer, his phone to his ear for probably contact their security departmentafter catching the intruder spying on him.

“You were spying on us! You were looking for us !”, he launched, letting his anger burst. The voice of Kate Middleton, who does not appear in the image, then rises. “We are on a bike ride with our children. We saw you near our house, added the Duchess of Cambridge. Prince William, still outraged by the presence of the paparazzi on his property, continued to challenge the photographer, who is struggling to defend himself. How dare you behave like this with our children? How dare you ?hammered the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, who added: “I’m taking a leisurely walk with my kids on a Saturday, and you don’t even give me your name.”

Prince William refers to the fate of Princess Diana

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You are outrageous, you are repulsive !” he fumed, before asking the prowler how he had gained access to the Sandringham estate. The paparazzi then justified himself awkwardly by ensuring that he had found himself on the scene after having taken a public road. Which was not enough to silence the suspicions of Prince William.

I thought you had understood, by the timeconcluded the father of George, Charlotte and Louis, whose bitter remark naturally brings to mind the treatment suffered by his mother, Lady Dianawhich was stalked and spied on by photographers as soon as she married Prince Charles. While being chased by paparazzi, the Princess of Wales had died on August 31, 1997 in a tragic car accident occurred under the Alma bridge in Paris. A dramatic event that deeply marked princes William and Harry, whose resentment against the paparazzi will never fade.

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