Prince William + Prince Charles: Do you break the royal protocol after the Queen’s death?

Prince William + Prince Charles
Will you break royal protocol after the Queen’s death?

Prince William + Prince Charles

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First Prince Charles, then Prince William: one day the two men will ascend the throne and be the head of the British monarchy. But how will her leadership style differ from that of Queen Elizabeth? Royal expert Charlie Rae is certain that a breach of protocol is inevitable.

Prince William, 39, and his father, Prince Charles, 72, have been prepared for the role of monarch of Great Britain and the British Commonwealth since childhood. But how modern is the royal family and what are the chances of survival of the royals after the death of Queen Elizabeth, 95? A question that not only the family members of the monarchy ask, but also the media and experts.

The Royal reporter Charlie Rae said in an interview with “GB News” that the actions and procedures of the two heirs to the throne so far sends a clear signal – and this includes a massive breach of the protocol.

Prince William and Prince Charles reveal their plans

Charlie Rae, a former Royal reporter for “The Sun,” says Prince William and his father “will break protocol that says they shouldn’t make any public statements.” This presumption relates primarily to political decisions that have never been commented on by the king or queen.

With Prince Charles and Prince William, this is already quite difficult: Both are clear about their future plans for the country. Charles is said to want the monarchy to be streamlined and wants to limit the central representation of the crown to a few royals. A political decision: after all, British taxpayers pay millions each year for royal family residences and travel. An aspect that has spawned many Royal critics.

Prince William + Prince Charles: How will the influence of social media affect the reign?

Many political attitudes of the 39-year-old husband of Duchess Catherine, 39, are also known. With the Eartshot Prize Award, an initiative that William launched to tackle the climate crisis over the next ten years, he clearly shows what politics has failed to do in the past few decades. In his address, he targeted the younger generation and promised that action would finally be taken – an enormous encroachment and also an attack on politics. In addition, a step that Queen Elizabeth would never dare to take.

Prince William

In addition, both royals are not only represented on social media, but are also very active. They advertise their projects, show personal recordings of appointments and describe their wishes for the people. The royal family seems more approachable, interested in contact with other people and, above all, modern. The people know how William and Charles feel about certain issues. A clear difference to the monarch. Queen Elizabeth, on the other hand, has never commented on parliamentary decisions or world politics – and there is a reason.

Therefore, Queen Elizabeth never speaks out on political decisions

The role of the British monarch is not to express political opinion. Queen Elizabeth represents the crown. In terms of content, it has no influence on Parliament or the Prime Minister. In the constitutional monarchy of Great Britain, Queen Elizabeth has undertaken to undertake ceremonial duties and to represent the entire people – her political opinion contradicts this protocol.

“It will be very interesting to see whether Charles and William, when they ascend the throne, are breaking the protocol that says they are not allowed to make public statements,” said Royal expert Rae, adding: ” I think that’s probably a good thing. The world has moved on from the time the royal family tried to maintain its mystique. ”

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