Prince William reveals: This future prospect scares Prince George

Prince George
Prince William reveals: He is afraid of these future prospects

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Prince George seems to have inherited environmental awareness from his papa. Because in an interview, Prince William reveals what future prospects his son really is “angry”.

It is no secret that Prince William, 39, cares about the environment. He has been campaigning for climate protection for years and he apparently passed this passion on to Prince George, 8. In a podcast, the Duke of Cambridge now says that it annoys his son when rubbish is on the street.

Prince George was “confused” and “angry”

On the BBC Newscast podcast, Prince William reveals that George recently went to school to collect rubbish. An experience that obviously made the little prince think – especially the fact that the rubbish had returned. “He was confused and angry about the fact that one day they went to collect rubbish and the next day they walked the same route and pretty much the same rubbish they picked up was back,” says Duchess Catherine’s husband, 39.

Prince George just couldn’t understand that. The future heir to the throne tried to understand it, but finally said to his father: “We cleaned it up. Why didn’t it go away?”

Prince William is concerned about the future

William also stated on the podcast that he was concerned that George and his generation might be talking about climate change decades from now. He adds: “But it shouldn’t be that a third generation comes along that pushes the subject even more to the extreme. […] For me it would be an absolute catastrophe if George were to sit here and say the same thing to you or your successor 30 years from now, because then it will be too late. “

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