Prince William: That’s why he supposedly kicked his brother out

Prince William
Hard consequences! That’s why he is said to have thrown his brother out

Prince Harry and Prince William

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Prince William and Prince Harry have lost their closeness to each other. The Megxit and incidents in the run-up to the withdrawal of his brother Harry and his wife Meghan from the front row of the royals may have divided the siblings permanently. How hardened the fronts are was already shown in 2018.

An angry phone conversation between Prince William, 38, and Prince Harry, 36, is said to have had dramatic consequences three years ago. This is what the author Robert Lacey claims in his book “Battle of Brothers: William, Harry and the Inside Story of a Family in Tumult” and refers to information from a friend of the Sussexes. “William threw Harry out,” he is said to have said. Allegedly, the older one took the consequences after his younger brother simply hung up the phone for him.

Prince William: distrust of Duchess Meghan grew steadily

The incident seems to have been a trigger for the separation of the households of the two royals. According to Lacey’s sources, William assumed that his sister-in-law, Duchess Meghan, 39, was “hostile” to the royal system at the time and may have planned from the outset to turn her back on the monarchy and settle in her native America.

Meghan’s alleged bullying attacks against palace employees could have been a strategy to achieve their goal faster. At least, however, they may have fueled the creeping alienation of the two brothers, which received a further boost in the alleged phone call.

Has Meghan made her husband a choleric?

Employees claim in the book that Meghan “played the victim, but was a tyrant”. A behavior that is said to have jumped even on her husband, who is said to have suddenly acted choleric and apparently yelled at employees. “I have a conversation between Harry and one of his top assistants, “reports a former employee.” Harry yelled into the phone. Team Sussex was a really toxic environment. ”Harsh allegations that the couple vehemently deny to this day.

William, on the other hand, reportedly told a friend that he suspected Meghan had a plan. The royal felt “injured” and “betrayed” by the “rift” that developed between him and his brother, according to Lacey’s book. Duchess Catherine, 39, on the other hand, made a realistic assessment early on. She was apparently “suspicious of Meghan from the start.”

“Completely out of joint”

For Prince Charles’ eldest son, 72, the situation appeared to be increasingly a burden. He said he felt Meghan was “stealing his beloved brother” from him. He was also of the opinion that his sister-in-law did not understand how the royal system worked.

“People felt overwhelmed by her. They thought she was a total narcissist and sociopath – basically completely out of joint,” author Lacey quotes the harsh judgment of a Kensington Palace employee of his boss at the time, Meghan.

The rift between William and Harry was sparked by an official email from Jason Knauf, the Cambridges and Sussexes communications secretary, in October 2018. In this it was alleged that Meghan was harassing her employees. William had only heard of the allegations made by his private secretary, Simon Case. Then he picked up the phone to confront his brother – and fate took its course.

Source used: Robert Lacey “Battle of Brothers: William, Harry an the Inside Story of a Family in Tumult”