Princess Amalia: She passed her high school diploma with distinction

Princess Amalia
She passed her Abitur with distinction

Princess Amalia has made an important step towards the future

© imago images / Hollandse Hoogte

Princess Amalia has reason to celebrate: The heir to the throne of the Netherlands passed her high school diploma – even with distinction.

Princess Amalia (17), the eldest daughter of King Willem-Alexander (54) and Queen Máxima (50) of the Netherlands, has completed an important part of her school education. The heir to the throne has passed her high school diploma.

That gave that Dutch royal family known on Instagram. In a video, the princess hoisted the flag along with her school backpack on the royal balcony. In the Netherlands, it is a tradition for students who have completed their school career to hang their backpacks with a flag on a flagpole.

Princess Amalia even has two reasons to celebrate: she graduated from the Christian high school Sorghvliet in The Hague with summa cum laude, i.e. with distinction. It is not yet known where she will go to study.